Mega-Upload Shut Down Problem{3}

by Abubaker D

My article was about the website mega upload dilemma. What happened was that the US government shut down the mega upload website because it broke some US copy right laws. The article is specifically talking about the people who were using mega upload as a data base. Which is what we call a cloud computing service. The main problem about shutting down the website lies with the users. Because right now, users can’t get their files back. A lot of users uploaded pictures, videos, papers, articles and contracts and whatever you can name on to mega upload. And there is no way to get them back. The FBI is not to contact some 50 million users and return their files to each one of them. That process will take ages. Mega upload apparently will never come back. And the FBI doesn’t care about the users files. So it will be sad for the people who didn’t have any back up of their files. The article says that people shouldn’t rely on cloud computing back up services. People always need to have other sources of back up for their files. And cloud back up services should be a secondary resource.

This article is related to our class because it’s about cloud computing. I thought it would be helpful for students so that they always keep in mind to store their files and whatever data they have in a storage other than cloud services, because files can be easily lost on the web.

I use mega upload a lot and it saddens to see the FBI taking it down just like that. Files should be allowed to share among users. The businesses try to monopolize everything and they resort to governments to take care of things if there is any obstacles standing in their profits.

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