Megaupload Cloud Data

by Mike Y

Dvorak’s article talks about the seizure of Megaupload’s domain and website by the U.S. government and the negative effects to the movement of cloud computing. The data in the servers still exist but is planned to be deleted but has not yet happened as of March, 23, according to Information Week. The problem, stated by Dvorak, is that there were 50 million users held by Megaupload and contacting every single one of them would be impossible. The reason this is so bad for cloud computing is because it create uncertainty in the objective of cloud based services. It would not be used if any cloud based service could be taken down or deleted on the federal government’s wim.
Cloud computing is relevant to our class because it is the current trend in the IT industry and web based services. Currently, there is a site for social networking, one for pictures, another for video, and many other sites to fill consumer needs. Eventually, it will be condensed to one single site in the place where it used to take many sites to fulfill user needs. As hardware becomes more powerful and less expensive, websites can charge for premium services or even be free. As the features of websites increase, so will the competition between websites offering similar services.
I believe cloud computing is the future. At first I was skeptical of the services and had many questions. How reliable is it? How much down time? How long will my data be there? My mind was completely changed when I used Google Docs. In an age where individuals have multiple points of online access, the convenience cloud based services is almost a requirement. Having a single access point for files is very user friendly. There is no need to need to make sure every laptop, phone, or desktop has all the same and updates files; it’s all in one place. Of course, secondary and local backups should be made for important files as no service is 100% is reliability.

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3 thoughts on “Megaupload Cloud Data”

  1. While looking at this article it made me think a little bit. MegaUploads was a big sharing site and many people would just seed their videos for others to view. I did not see it as a way of cloud computing but in a way it is. IT is interesting to think that the govenenment was thinking about going after 50 million people just because they were contributing to the site. Cloud computing is the future of computers and there will be many diffenert sites that are going to come up like mega uploads but if the us government wants to they may manage the cloud to prevent some of the things from occruing.

  2. I agree with your premise that cloud computing cannot be the solution for all service needs. Especially with things as sensitive as backups, layers of protection is safer than having all data backed in one central location. Basic backup computing practices where redundancy is key still apply.

  3. I agree with your reflection that all these social networking and multimedia sites will converge or condense to a certain point. But I dont think that MegaUpload was a cloud computing service since it didnt offer any services other than being able to share files on the web.

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