Microsoft making it easier for the average businessman.{Comments Off on Microsoft making it easier for the average businessman.}

by Andrew N

Microsoft making it easier for the average businessman.

Microsoft has released a new version of its Visual Studio with some new tools involved. The company has released the version called Visual Studio LightSwitch which is suppose to be user friendly for business managers. The software is a stripped down version of the normal Visual Studios that will make it simple enough for a person to create an application with barely any knowledge of coding. Applications that are created using LightSwitch can be accessed either local machine or on Microsoft Azure which is the cloud computing service. So far, the beta version has only been released and there are no words about the final release.

I think this is a great idea that Microsoft is trying to do for the business world because it would definitely let people that are not in the Information Systems field learn how to work with certain programs which much more ease. I think regular Visual Studios is pretty basic already when it comes to creating certain things but with other things it might take some more knowledge and research. Microsoft seems to be trying to make the business environment easier and user friendly so that even people with no understanding can just use common knowledge to see what is going on.

Comparing Microsoft to Apple is like comparing it to oranges because Apple specifically makes their products user friendly already but  minimal modifications can be done. Microsoft is kind of going that route but is still keeping it so that things can be modified and manipulated. This is what I like about the PC world and that is why I am pro- PC and not Mac.

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