Microsoft Open Sourcing it’s ASP.NET Technology

by Jongwoo Y
Just recently, Microsoft has decided to start open sourcing their ASP.NET technology. This is a surprise move considering that Microsoft is not really known to open source any of it’s programs, especially core development applications such as ASP.NET. However, just recently, Microsoft did make the ASP.NET MVC source code available for developers. What has been the biggest news is that Microsoft has opened up even more and decided to release the source code for ASP.NET Web API and ASP.NET Web Pages, also known as Razor (Taft, 2012). Many developers are pleased with the initial releases, however, they are very surprised that Microsoft will actually be willing to take contributions from the developer community for the first time. Microsoft has never taken in out of company developer contributions for any of their applications that are currently being distributed (Taft, 2012). This is a major step forward for the giant company from Washington. In a recent blog post by Scott Guthrie, Vice President of the Microsoft Server and Tools Business division, Guthrie stated how due to the fact that Microsoft has open sourced their ASP.NET technology, they’ve decided to also include open-source technologies into their own ASP.NET product such as jQuery, jQueryUI, jQuery Mobile, and many more (Taft, 2012). Hopefully this turns out to be a good idea for Microsoft, however, it seems that their idea has made many developers pretty pleased.

This article was very interesting due to the fact that Microsoft is actually taking steps forward to integrate the developer community and their feedback into their own products. It’s a pretty awesome step forward for the software giant as Microsoft looks to only gain support with their recent actions. I found it very interesting that Microsoft has never released their source code for their developer applications until now. This is groundbreaking as ASP.NET and Visual Studio have been around for a very long time. In my opinion, this will allow Microsoft to release a higher quality product that will better fit the needs of many developers, especially since developers will be able to submit their patches on the applications directly to Microsoft. This will also lead to more frequent patching, as developers around the world will be eager to get their contributions noted to the public. One thing that I am curious about is if Microsoft will actually be willing to award developers that are not a part of the company with any types of compensation or even hire them for a full time position. This will definitely add an interesting dynamic to the ASP.NET library and I am even more curious about what the outcomes will be, especially since we’ve learned a decent amount about the program itself.

Taft, D. K. (2012, March 28). Microsoft open-sources more technology. Retrieved from


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  • May 28, 2012 at 11:59 pm

    This is very interesting considers, like what you said, I don’t think that Microsoft has ever made any other their technology available to the open source community. I like the choice in articles.

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