More than 20,000 websites are likely infected with malware{Comments Off on More than 20,000 websites are likely infected with malware}

by Taylor G
Google warned this week that as many as 20,000 websites could have been hacked and injected with JavaScript redirect malware.  Google sent out a message this week that said, “Specifically, we think that JavaScript has been injected into your site by a third party and may be used to redirect users to malicious sites.”  They warned owners to look for files containing “eval(function(p,a,c,k,e,r)”.  Apparently the code can be placed in HTML, JavaScript, or even PHP files.  The malware could’ve even affected the owner’s configuration files.  Google wanted to make it clear that this malware should be removed to fix the vulnerability to protect site visitors, as well as updating this software and maintaining contact with their web hosts for technical support.  This isn’t the first time Google has had an anti-malware campaign, in July Google excluded more than 11 million URLs from a specific domain, “”, because they were said to be used by cybercriminals to spread antivirus programs and conduct drive-by attacks.

I really found this article interesting, because today we share so much of our personal lives on the internet.  So much of what we do daily can be accessible to someone with the proper knowledge, so when a major company such as Google, who directs millions of users daily to different websites, warns users and websites of suspicious activity that could potentially leave your information in the wrong hands, is going to be a good thing.  Not everything we do on the internet is secure, so anything that is done to help protect us on the battlefield, that is privacy, it clearly helps.  Thanks Google.

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