Mozilla’s Mobile OS{5}

by Richard H
Mozilla is demoing their mobile operating system Boot to Gecko at Mobile World Congress. Boot to Gecko or “B2G” is to focus on providing open HTML5 web-based applications. Mozilla has already received support of telecommunication companies like Telefonica, Qualcomm, and Deutsche Telekom as well as support from Adobe. Mozilla phones will also come into market at 1/10th of the price of current market smart phones. Mozilla will also run a marketplace where apps can be purchased.

I think that this is a good move for Mozilla and smart phones in general. Because most phones are already almost always connected to the web, a mobile platform focused on only web based application makes sense. Smart phones built in this manner will lose much of the functionality and features of mobile devices that offer their own platform like Android and iPhone , but they can be offered at such a lower price by using less processing power. I believe  that the lower cost of the phone factored in with possibly a much longer battery life and a sufficient amount of good apps will be one of Mozilla’s more successful endeavors.

I really like the idea of a phone that carries just the bare minimum in processing power and relies on the web and server side processing power to offer a good user experience. Smart phones can be slicker, cheaper, and finally last longer than a day. As wireless connectivity and speeds improve, we may see many companies moving over to this type of phone model.

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