“My Back Pages: Digital Diary Traces Memories”

by Melinda E

A website called “Timehop” sends subscribed users an email telling them what they did at that same time a year ago. It has access to all of someone’s social networks to pull from. The goal of the website is to bring up nostalgia like a diary would, or a box of memories. People on the web are using the resources for more personal things, and there are hopes to make people more conscious of what they are posting. A lot of people have given the site good reviews, but the article neglected to list any bad ones.

The relevancy to the public of this website is growing as it competes with Facebook. When someone creates an idea and codes it out, like Facebook, it becomes popular and a lot of other people make offshoots of the website. This is what this website has kind of done, but it must have a lot of extensive coding in order to fetch information from different websites.

I think this website is a pretty good fit for people who are really into the social network obsession. For me however, its a bit disturbing how some company can have access to all of your information. Like the free cloud services, one has to wonder why a free service to collect information is really available. I believe the website would have to be linked to databases that collect your passwords and store the previous years references to other websites. That is a bit over the top for me. The presentation tier of the website looks appealing and has a good user concept, but the data tier is what few think about.





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2 thoughts on ““My Back Pages: Digital Diary Traces Memories””

  1. I agree with you, i think its a little scary that they are able to access information a year in the past. I don’t think this site will have much success in the future. People may enjoy it at first but when they get reminded about the bad thing they did a year ago they will be too scared to post anything and thus no need for the website no more.

  2. The thought of having a reminder of what I was doing last year sounds like a pretty nice idea, especially when my new years resolution might be something related to trying to be a better person. But what if we want to forget our mistakes and just look forward to our future, then this is not the service for me. And the issue of security and privacy will always be at the top of my mind, what if the records of my daily life land in the hands of someone terrible. They would have the possibility of finding me at any time, but then again the same can be said about Foursquare and Facebook.

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