MySQL gets an upgrade from Oracle{Comments Off on MySQL gets an upgrade from Oracle}

by Ermie C
The one thing that has become in a business is the importance of databases. We understand how everything is and how it flows, however, the ease to make the SQL statements can get kind of hairy. For Oracle, they have launched this new version MySQL Cluster. This new feature is actually going to be open source and is a lot easier to use. The two new features that are provided are combing the best of both worlds of NoSQL and SQL databases. ” It can rival the fast key value operations of NoSQL, while still offering the ability to do complex queries of a regular SQL databases” is how they they described it. With the open source, it can prove to be a advantage in the sense that anything is possible for this type of SQL, however, this upgrade can prove fatal for potential hackers who can get the code of how databases are filled. The main feature that is going to be great is the Memcached API. This is because this will make searches and performances go faster and as mentioned Facebook uses this software. This will make the input of data a lot easier.

I chose this website because it’s incorporating both web developing and data managing. This can actually prove helpful in the sense that if a customer would like us to make a website where they can sell things and add and update their user information, then this might the tool for us to use. This is incorporated into the class because as web developers we must understand how databases work and how they will be integrated in the system and how to make it user friendly for administrators and customers for the client and server side of web developing.

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