Need a Job? Learn .NET

by Eric H

There are many web application development platforms out there to help developers to create interactive web applications. ASP.NET is one of the most popular one out of all other platforms, it has been been this since for the past 10 years due to its unique and user friendly features (Ezine, 2012). As the popularity grows demands for ASP.NET developers or programmers are now in huge demand. Many companies and organization out there are interested in hiring ASP.NET developers, and there are many benefits a ASP.NET developers has to offer these companies and organization. One of the key benefit ASP.NET developer has to offer is they can help reduce your overall project budget. ASP.NET developers can finish up different part of the project as a speedy pace which helps cut down time and cost. They can make fully customized and dynamic app to focus on the company’s needs (Ezine, 2012). Customization with ASP.NET is not easy but a skilled developer will help the company make the application to work just the way they want. Another benefit is most ASP.NET developers also know other tools and programming languages like VB.NET, ASP, AJAX, CSS, HTML, Javascript, etc. This will help out other projects within the companies that requires such skills (Ezine, 2012).

I found this article to be very interesting, as we are now working with .NET we will learn about and eventually we all will become familiar with this language. And seeing that there are high demands for developers with .NET skills in a way encourage us students to learn about this language as much as we can while we are still in school. It seems with .NET skills the problem with finding a job shouldn’t be much of a problem for those graduating students. Even for those that are not interested in specialize in web development they can still learn language and it will be a very useful skill to have, and it will also help with the job hunting process.

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3 thoughts on “Need a Job? Learn .NET”

  1. I really enjoyed reading your article. I never really knew how valuable understanding .NET was in the IT world. Now that we are starting to work and develop our project gives us an inside view on how we will have to develop web pages in the real world. I also make a valid point stating that developers in .NET do have the experience of other programming languages that can potentially help the company in other projects.

  2. This is a very interesting article and I can totally understand why ASP developers are in demand. If I had my own organization, I would want to hire ASP developers as well because not only would they help me save money but they will also be an invaluable asset to my organization because they possess a lot of programming knowledge. If anyone enjoys .NET, I would highly recommend that they consider this career option.

  3. Really interesting read for student that is graduating or going to graduate. Any skill/s that might help us land a job is every important. This article give me hope of finding a job after graduating college.

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