Negative and Positive

by Ivan C
Having a website can have many advantages for a business. This includes having lower cost, no brick-and-mortar investment, higher margins, faster response to customer service, and information sharing among different merchants. For example, a simple face to face transaction for a commercial bank cost .50 euros, now that same transaction can cost them .01 euros making it more cost-effective. Also by having a website an actual store is not necessary. This saves money in insurance and inventory storage space. E-commerce helps create better communication among the vendor, its suppliers, business partners, and customers. Now a website may have many rewards but it also has disadvantages. Security, just one of the issues, is always problem because customers must feel secure when making purchases. Also, website performance can have problems. For example, a site may expect to be visited by two million users but it actually gets seven million. This causes slowdown of the site and probable loss of customers. Therefore “a website must be scalable, or upgradable.”  Finally one of the biggest downfalls of e-commerce is not being able certain products. For example, an online furniture store would have trouble selling its products because customers would like to sit on the couch, feel the material, and see the actual size before buying it. I enjoyed reading this article because it was my first article reading about the advantages and disadvantages of having a website. Although some of them were somewhat obvious it did provide extra details and examples.



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9 thoughts on “Negative and Positive”

  1. One of the smart things to do in business is to plan for growth and be flexible, while at the same time not over estimating and not hurtting yourself in the long run. While it has its advantages and disadvantages E-commerce is here to stay. Can anyone really think of what it would be like today if and Ebay and all the other e-commerce sites vanished?

  2. While I agree for the most part on the advantages of this article I do feel as if some other disadvantages should have been mentioned. Such as the loss of the customer’s experience with talking face to face with a representative of the business. Another thing to note is that the savings they are making on a per trade basis would only matter if they are getting tons of traffic, if the store happens to be your average “mom and pop” shop who would not be getting tons of traffic odds are it is hurting them.

  3. i agree that there are alot of advantages and disadvantages to websites. what you have to keep in mind is that at the end of the day it is a tool. it is a tool that you use to get things done. yes there are ups and downs but i think that just because you can does not mean that it should be a substitute for what got you there. so yes you should utilize websites but dont let it take over your storefront because there is not better experience that the one that only you can creat in your own space

  4. I agree that trying to have a business solely online has its pros and cons. For the majority though, I feel that if you want to start your own business, doing it so online is a great and inexpensive way to build popularity and momentum before even considering a physical location. It’s really easy to start, especially for us as CIS majors, because there’s a lot we already know that will give us an edge over someone who blindly tries to start their own business. I agree though, online isn’t really useful for things that customers like to see and feel first, such as furniture.

  5. There are always going to be pros and cons when it comes to e-commerce, but one thing it seems people forget is that we need human interaction. The ability to be able to talk to someone and having that reassuring thought that the choice you are making is the right one cannot be created with the interaction of machines. I am acknowledge the great opportunities e-commerce has to offer, I am simply explaining the gap we are creating between each other.

  6. I believe that if an organization wants to do online business only, it should have at least one actual store in every city maybe because I am the kind of person who does not trust any web site and is not going to provide my personal and bank account information to them. It is like providing all that information and you don’t even know who they are or if you will ever receive what you “purchased.” Besides the fact that they will have my information and will be able to do anything they want with it. I’d love to make my life easier by making purchases online and just waiting for my package to arrive, I can do that from website of stores I know like Gap, Banana Republic or any other store, but not from the random ones that just pop up on the search engine.

    1. I have found that you are usually okay with going through small websites, but I personally use my credit cards and not my bank account information. Visa will usually wipe out any fraudulent activity from your record if you complain about it. Also, it is important to look and make sure that when you are entering personal information, that you are on an HTTPS site and that the site has been verified through a reputable company. That also gives you a little more security. I have gone through identity theft before, and I can tell you it sucks and it isn’t anything that anyone should have to do.

  7. I agree that E-commerce has some greater advantages over physical store. I think that only big name brands have stores and websites where people can buy stuff. For small businesses, this might not be possible. For some small business owners, it may make more sense that they start their business online, for others it would be better to have actual stores.

  8. Glad to see so much interaction and inputs here! Ivan, aside from choosing a good (sometimes controversial) article and making a good summary, I also suggest making a more specific title, such as “Negatives and Positives in Building an eCommerce Site”, and separating the summary and reflection into two sections, last, expand your reflection as your classmates did. Thanks.

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