Negative and Positive{9}

by Ivan C
Having a website can have many advantages for a business. This includes having lower cost, no brick-and-mortar investment, higher margins, faster response to customer service, and information sharing among different merchants. For example, a simple face to face transaction for a commercial bank cost .50 euros, now that same transaction can cost them .01 euros making it more cost-effective. Also by having a website an actual store is not necessary. This saves money in insurance and inventory storage space. E-commerce helps create better communication among the vendor, its suppliers, business partners, and customers. Now a website may have many rewards but it also has disadvantages. Security, just one of the issues, is always problem because customers must feel secure when making purchases. Also, website performance can have problems. For example, a site may expect to be visited by two million users but it actually gets seven million. This causes slowdown of the site and probable loss of customers. Therefore “a website must be scalable, or upgradable.”  Finally one of the biggest downfalls of e-commerce is not being able certain products. For example, an online furniture store would have trouble selling its products because customers would like to sit on the couch, feel the material, and see the actual size before buying it. I enjoyed reading this article because it was my first article reading about the advantages and disadvantages of having a website. Although some of them were somewhat obvious it did provide extra details and examples.



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