.NET Open Source

by Jasmine C
The article I read this week discussed the how ASP.NET Web API and ASP.NET Web Pages source codes will now be released under an open source code, Apache 2.0.  API.NET MVC, Web API and Web Pages will have their code repositories hosted on CodePlex and this will allow for the projects development transparency.  By hosting their codes in a repository, the development of these projects will be more open and thus allow for everyone in the community to provide their own feedback on code checking, bug-fixes, new feature developments, and build and test the product on a daily basis (Gu, 2012).  Also new is that developers, other than the ones working for Microsoft, will be allowed to submit code contributions to the MS development team. The MS team will then review these codes to potentially include them in the end product and potentially help deliver a better product in the end.  The development team for Microsoft ASP.NET is continuing to grow and hopefully in the near future the three products discussed will be better than ever.

In class we’ve been learning about ASP.NET and I find it to be a very interesting subject.  I think the article that I read this week was very interesting and cool to say the least.  Microsoft is working diligently to make sure that their products are the best that they can be and this is a good thing because in the long run, the consumers are going to be the ones who benefit.  I believe that a wider adoption of ASP.NET is going to occur and by allowing developers to submit code to the .NET team, I think that a faster development and a greater product will emerge.   I look forward to seeing how everything works itself out in the future.


Gu, S. (March 27, 2012). ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Razor and Open Sources. Retrieved May 20, 2012, from ScottGu’s Blog: http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/archive/2012/03/27/asp-net-mvc-web-api-razor-and-open-source.aspx.

7 thoughts on “.NET Open Source”

  1. Wow!! great article and very well summarized. I actually wrote about ASP.NET as well in my article, and indeed its a very interesting subject. I think its a strategic move for Microsoft by allowing developers to submit their code to the .NET team. Believe it or not but it’s “think outside the box” kind of idea. lol

  2. Definitely agree with Jamal, let’s see how it works out for Microsoft. Could turn out to be a great resource for the company. Good article!

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  3. That is really cool how they are going to be making this open source. I think that was a very good move on Microsoft’s part. I especially like how we can contribute to the development team of Microsoft. I look foreword to using this new opened source code. Overall great article.

  4. That great that ASP is a open socuse now, a broader audane will be interoduct to the

    1. Ignore the first post.

      It great the ASP api is open source now, a greater audience will be introduce to this codes. Giving this code a wider exposure.

  5. Great article. I think it is good that microsoft is allowing for open source and for outside developers to help with the development of future microsoft products. I believe it is a cheaper way to produce products and also to make sure it is what the consumers want.

  6. Making it open source is a great idea because there have already been threats about the releasing of the open source of an ASP.NET hack that can use up a lot of CPU usage for a web server.They are finally giving the fight to the people so that they have a better chance of how people understand this program. They can gauge the flaws that this platform has. It’s smart.

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