New Domain for Sale!

by ChihWei H
An entrepreneur has finally made the first sale of internet domain named ending in .xxx. Much like those ends in .edu for educations, and .org for non-profit organizations, .xxx domain are industry driven and specific. All thanks to Stuart Lawley, whom fought with regulator for the use of .xxx domains. Lawley’s company, ICM Registry stand to benefit from the new regulations for the sales of such domain to adult entertainment industry.  ICANN approved the domain in March and since then, ICM Registry has receive 900 thousand inquires and 650 thousand domain names. Lawley project the first year revenue would be north of $30 million.  He believes such “red light district of internet” will be beneficial to both adult entertainer and people who are trying to avoid porno sites.

Our Wednesday class talked about the importance of domain name to businesses, and I see this as a very good way to regulate the over exposure of pornography on the internet. I’m actually surprise why this hasn’t been done sooner. Adult industries should also embrace the domain because people who go on the site are much more likely to be their target audiences. Furthermore, limiting pornography under one domain would also help with parental control, because it simplifies the domain name for browser to filter.

The internet is saturated with porn and these businesses are taking up domain that could be very useful for education purposes. For example, was sold in 2010 for the price of $13 million dollars. Like the domain name suggests, the site provide adult contents. Wouldn’t you think it’s better if the domain name is used to sex education for the youth? Sadly, no education institute,  parent group, or government agency have the means to buy out the domain name. If .xxx domains can helps pornography moves away from .com, it might also helps drive down the price and we could have some better usages of these domains.

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2 thoughts on “New Domain for Sale!”

  1. Limiting pornographic sites to a *.xxx domain would also be nice for businesses, schools, parents, and so forth because you could just block internet access to a website ending in *.xxx. Would make some of our jobs alot easier than having to type in random smut words.

  2. Hm.. well it will be nice for consumers who are in the market for adult content entertainment to have a collection of sources under a specific domain and yes,it will make IT’s job easier to block out such sites. However, I think the industry will have to self-regulate. For example, those who sells any sort of merchandise or services related to that industry will have to move their sites to .xxx domain. I can’t see government regulating it.

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