New Facebook Mobile App Center{Comments Off on New Facebook Mobile App Center}

by Taylor G
Recently Facebook announced their new App Center.  This would be a place for users to find apps like FarmVille, Flixster, Spotify, and Pinterest.  The App Center will include both free and paid Facebook apps, additionally it will include HTML5 apps that are currently within the Facebook App itself.  Facebook told VentureBeat that it’s not trying to compete with Apple and Google, but rather make a premium HTML5 app store.  “The App Center is designed to grow mobile apps that use Facebook,” Facebook said.  Facebook hasn’t made any money on their mobile App, and with the IPO, this would file the gap with that argument.  With the acquisition of Instagram for 1 Billion dollars, Facebook is trying to take control of the mobile market.  When comparing the App Center from Facebook and the Google and Apple App Stores, the Facebook App Center will not feature Top 25 apps.  Instead it will tailor the type of Apps that you are most likely to download.  Also, developers will be able to have access to new metrics tools that allow them to see who is downloading their apps, for example which age groups are using them, how long they use them, and other valuable data.

I am personally very excited to see the App Center in action.  Whenever I think of social networking sites and their success, I think of MySpace and how popular that was for the longest time, and from what I have learned for the past 20 years.  History has a way of repeating itself.  So when Facebook is trying to stay valuable and competitive in the market, I look at it as another move towards remaining relevant.  I think this may or may not be a waste of resources since both platforms already have an App Store to purchase and download Apps.  I am curious to see how this will be different than both stores.  Also, Facebook will have to build and maintain stores for several different platforms as well as many different types of hardware in addition to the software issues.  I see a lot of challenges with this product, but I also see some potential where the mobile market is lacking.  I will be ready to download and install this on my phone when it is available.

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