New Google Overhaul To Bring Web into Next Generation.{3}

by Vincent S
Just when many of us thought that the Google search engine could not ever improve itself, Google announced that is exactly what it is going to attempt.  As all of us have used Google, I am sure that we have all noticed that using a typical Google search returns links based on key words that we typed in.  However, as certain questions get more complex, simply typing in key words does not always return desired results.  Instead, many times Google returns irrelevant links that do not answer a particular question.  Google has announced in order to improve internet optimization, they will design a new search engine that can understand the words being typed in order to give a specific answer.  Google has not mentioned much on the technology that will be using in order to make this possible other then that it will involve algorithms.  Not so much as a launch date has been announced.  However, they have began raising awareness of their upcoming product.

I am pretty sure that I do not need to explain why this is significant.  But for the sake of analysis for the assignment, I will explain why this is important.  This new technology has the potential to completely end all other search engines.  Yahoo has been in trouble for several years and Bing has not taken off as they would have hoped.  This new search engine would make competition near impossible.  But even more importantly is the potential that this has to reshape the internet.  A service such as this would optimize any website and can improve internet query efficiency.  Hopefully, Google will follow through with this major boast.



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