New Health System{Comments Off on New Health System}

by Chaoxi P
This article basically talks about the
national electronic health record. That means the patients’ health record will
be available in the nation health system, and this record will follow the
patients’ for life time. That’s very convenient technology. Patients’ even go
to the other hospital or private
clinic, the doctor will know their new patients’ health history just by a
minutes. Doctor just connect to the online electronic health system, and enter
the patient’s ID. The patient’s medical histories will show definitely in the
system. Therefore, doctor do not need to waste time to listen their new
patient’s explain medical histories. Besides that, this system will help reduce
the human error to near zero. In fact, there are too much errors in our current
hand writing system, and these paper records are easy get lost. Because of
these, some applications are come out such as Apple Ipad apps for doctors. So,
doctor can look at their patients’ record through Ipad in anywhere substitute
for sit in the office to finding tons of paper record.

Relate to our class, we are learning develop the
database in the website. That is similar with the nation electronic health
record system. User input their information on the client site; we store their
record in our
backend database. Therefore, administrator login to backend can view the users’
information by the online database system. We will not get error from these information
except the user has mistake when they are typing in. Also, this will save our
time if we need to find out specific user’s information. Therefore, in my
opinion the online database will be the trend in the future.   (Blog 8 )

David Goldman. November 18, 2011. National
electronic health records network gets closer.