New Online Software that Allows Coding and Executing{1}

by Taylor G
A new online software allows you to write, edit, compile, and run software all through their online interface.  This new software allows development environments in PHP, C++, Ruby, Java, C# and Visual Basic with other programming languages.  This software makes it easy to write code on the fly or on a computer that doesn’t have Java SDK or JDK, as well as a live code editor.  Previously, you had to download and install the Development Kit and or a live editor in order to write and edit code.  Now all you have to do it log on to the compiler website, create a Free Compilr Account, which should only take a few minutes, then you are able to use this tool for Free!  There is also software included within this website called iDeone which complies and runs the code online in no time.  This online tool allows anyone, without having to register for an account, to run the code in more than 40 programming languages.  There is a down side to this program, you can’t import a project or execute all the files together, but it will allow students to learn new programming languages.


Being a CIS major and having to learn several different programming languages will find this software useful.  We have to take two quarters of Java programming, a quarter of web development that requires knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Visual Basic, and a quarter of database that requires knowledge of SQL.  These are just some of the things we have to learn in the Computer Information Systems Program.  So the use of this software without having to install anything will become useful to students and possibly developers in the near future as we are seeing software development being pushed to the cloud.


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