New platform makes HTML5 easier to build{1}

by Carlos R
The article I selected this week discusses the launch of a new platform from Strobe Inc that came around late last year. The main idea behind this platform is the ability to create HTML5-based web applications. It’s goal is to provide developers with a good platform that not only makes it possible to use HTML5 and javascript, but also easier and more straightforward. It’s not only for computers either, because you can build it for phones and tables as well. It also has the functionality of centrally managing the one application across all the platforms through a single interface. One of the neater things it can do is improve your app discovery. Due to the fact that you can create a web version of your application, you can establish a connection between it and the native app, which the article states can engage more users and increase the likelihood of a paying customer. Another point they talk about that is easily able to be added on is social sharing. This is when you post to Facebook or Twitter about your interaction with the app, and provides a lot of app promotion. At the time the article was posted, this platform was in beta mode, but it’s launched now. At the moment, the platform is available for iOS and Android only.

In class, we discussed a lot about HTML5 and Javascript. This article relates to the class because the platform is about creating HTML5 and Javascript applications. I find it really interesting how you can create your own HTML5 applications with ease and have the freedom to send it to multiple platforms.

I feel that this type of developer platform has and will encourage a lot of newcomers who want to create their own HTML5-based web applications. It gives you all the tools and lets you easily manage them, so it leave you with a lot of room for creativity. This is just another reason on how HTML5 will become dominant in the future.

Perez, Sarah. (September 1, 2011). Strobe Launches Game-Changing HTML5 App Platform. In TechCrunch. Retrieved February 12, 2012, from