New Powerful App for Ipad{Comments Off on New Powerful App for Ipad}

by Chaoxi P
Basically, this article is talking about the new App for Ipad. This app is for the Google searching engine. This app has new features to make it more interactive and visual. The advantage on this app that is user can be doing research and comparing the search results easier than ever. Cause this app can display the results since as soon as the user begin type the first letter of keyword. In currently, most search engine did that is when you type the letter in, it will try to complete your word. This new app is not going that way, it display the results as slide when you typing. Besides that, when user pick a result page to visit, it will load on a new page. That means you don’t need to click the back button to back to the result page. The search results will display on the left and the selected web page will show on the right. Just like the power point slide. Snapshot and magnifying
glass these two functions will be available in this app. So, it makes more convenient. Also, favorite Google services will in the Apps menu, such as News, Calendar and more. As the Gmail user, they only one click the button, the app will be get them into the mail box. User can quickly read and send the mail.

I believe this app is super useful. I am using Ipad, but feel that safari is very inconvenient for doing search on Google. Cause the safari doing search as same as the PC browser. The data receive is slower than computer. Base on the searching method keep the same and the speed is slow, so I would not use Ipad to do Google search. Fortunately, this new app comes out. The design of this
app is make search more convenient. It uses new method to display the search result. User can be browsing the selected web, and preload other web at the same time. Therefore, we don’t need to waste time to wait for the web loading. In this tablet age, we design the website cannot only focus on PC. Cause the user of the tablet computer is increasing. When we are developing the website, we also need to consider our website how to display on the tablet. Flash and video may make the website look nice on the PC, but may not display on the tablet. Therefore, I think the concise website will be popular in future. (Blog 5 )

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