News Ways to Find an IT Job in a New Web World{4}

by Cary C
The article in question discusses six Web 2.0 tools that Information Technology people who are currently seeking a new job should be aware of.  “It states that just over fifty percent of all IT workers are actively looking for a new position and that about forty-six percent of these workers haven’t searched in over five years”.  Of course, the technologies used on the Internet have changed greatly in the last five years and during that time frame four tools have emerged as the dominant players in social networking and job hunting.  LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter have changed the way recruiters seek people to fulfill the open positions they have.  Due to the large number of people who are currently unemployed, recruiters are being swarmed with resumes which often come from desperate, unqualified people.  As a result, these recruiters are posting jobs less and searching the social network sites for people with the skills that they are seeking.  While it is becoming easier for the recruiters to find job seekers, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for job seekers to keep their personal life separate from their professional life.

I choose this article because it has to do with the changes that are becoming evident to some users who have been involved with IT for a decade or more.  In this particular case, the way we search for jobs is changing, or I should say it has changed.  My father is technically illiterate, and he was amazed years ago when I would tell him that my job searches mainly involved me posting my resume online and sending out emails with my resume as an attachment.  I guess it is my turn to be amazed at how quickly things can change.  I like the idea of contacting the head hunters directly and getting them my resume, and that has always worked well for me.  However, I guess I am going to have to change that strategy and make sure that my information is more readily available when I begin to search for jobs in the future.  I would attribute the changes that have been made to the ever-evolving technologies that IT professionals have to be familiar with as well as the high unemployment rate which has caused a significant rise in the number of resumes that are sent to headhunters.

My biggest concern about the way the IT hiring process appears to be heading according to this article is the trend of a lack of privacy that the Internet seems to be guiding us towards.  I used to work at MySpace back when it was at the height of its popularity, and I knew companies were using it to research prospective employees even back then so I have always made sure to be mindful of what I say on the Internet.  However, I think the future, perhaps  Web 3.0 or some other future version will bring the world to a point where we are essentially permanently recorded as if we had a court stenographer constantly following us around.  I personally think that is going way too far and will affect our societies in some really negative ways.  I know that I am somewhat old fashioned, and the truth is I often do not like technology despite the fact that I make my living by supporting it.  I honestly do not like social networking.  I guess the goal of it is to “bring people closer together” and connect them more, but I see it as having the opposite effect.  Emailing, texting, blogging, etc appear to disconnect people from one another in my perspective.  I have never tweeted or blogged until I came to Cal Poly and was required to do so for some class or another.  Maybe I have the wrong impression about these technologies, but to me they make people feel more important than they actually are.  If I want to find out what is going on with a friend of mine, I will pick up my land-line (I do not own or want a cell phone) and call my friend to ask them what they have been up to.  Considering that some prospective employer might read this blog several years in the future when I next begin to look for a position, I guess it would be advisable for me to stop talking now.



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