Not your mother’s AJAX{Comments Off on Not your mother’s AJAX}

by Rafael F
The article I researched has to do with AJAX and its benefits in the web applications developing industry. This article was written several years ago when AJAX was first introduced but promised readers and developers that AJAX was the way to go when developing web application interfaces. I chose this article as it served the purpose of confirming what we are learning in class right now. When preparing a web application sometimes it seems as if using standard HTML would be a lot easier to statically get the results that we are looking for. I know that for the second milestone of our course this was the case for me. I soon realized the static code was not as efficient as other languages could be. The same goes for building the web app interface. 

Developing the client side app takes plenty of code but what language to use is always the question. Using proprietary extensions like Microsoft products can sometimes lead to sporadic behavior between environments. Using applets often “confuse or annoy users because they modify usual browser behavior.”  Well no longer do we have to endure these kinds of problems. AJAX is an alternative that assists developers in creating a “rubric” or standard to follow that assists in creating rich interactive web applications.

To put the benefits of AJAX any better than the author would be difficult so I quote “the benefits of AJAX are most apparent to users, who experience more seamless responsiveness from Web applications – without giving up the comprehensive data store and querying capabilities of the server.” It was stated back when this article was written that AJAX was the future of UI and UX and we can see that it is still the case today.

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