Occupy Flash seeks to rid world of Adobe Flash{Comments Off on Occupy Flash seeks to rid world of Adobe Flash}

by Marco M
“Occupy what?”

Occupy Flash

Courtesy of: http://money.cnn.com/20 11/ 11117 /technology/occupy_ flashlindex.htm

Is reported that a small group, calling themselves “Occupy Flash”, whom in reality is a group called “HTML is the 99%” are web developers plotting to shut down the use of Adobe Flash. They inten to do so, by developing similar applications using HTML5 as it were the “universal standard” for web development. They argue that Flash is unreliable, it requires constant updates and “it does not work in most mobile devices”. They claim HTML5, can do the same tasks as in Flash but better, and the content can even be

viewed offline. This group is so determined to eliminate Flash, that in their website (occupyflash.org), they provide instruction on how to get rid of Adobe Flash from the browser; The “Occupy Flash” idea came from Adobe announcing that they will no longer support Flash for mobile devices and according to this group, “Flash is a geeky issue to seize on, but it’s a major pain point for Web developers aiming for consistency.” However, the group has been receiving “angry e-mails and tweets” that’s because some Flash developers believe that “Occupy Flash” is trying to “put them out of business”; This opposition led to a counter website called “Occupy HTML”.

I think the article is a bit strange; it is true that Flash has many problems but Adobe has already recognized the issues and stopped the support for mobile applications. It seems to me that it is just a matter of time before they terminate the application altogether.

In my opinion, web developers could have chosen a better name than “Occupy Flash” or “HTML is the 99%”. Both names sounds silly and give the appearance that their argument is nothing more than a joke.

Citation: http://money.cnn.com/20 11/ 11117 /technology/occupy_ flashlindex.htm