Online pharmaceutical{1}

by Peter C

According to Certified Cio article, the United State has agreed to give $29.1 billion to Medco Health Solutions Inc for a new processing system. This process will help pharmaceutical company to cut cost on medicines. It will help the customer to buy cheap medicine at an affordable price.  Everything will be used through the internet. Consumer will be able to buy medicine through online and find out about the product there too. The cost of buying these prescriptions will be cheaper than before. However, by having this in place, there will be a condition for consumers.  The consumers must sign an agreement stating that they will agree to be tracked on taking their medicine.

This system is still under speculation from the Federal Trade Commission to see if it will be beneficial. They want to check if it will be profitable for the U.S. and the pharmaceutical industry. This might take more than six months but if it does get pass, it will enhance our health care program. Using this design, it will help them to keep track on the cost and spending because the United State is in debt. This database will also give customers the benefit to learn about their product and purchasing it online instead of in person. It will also check the inventory for abundant time and cost saving. Certified CIO predicts that this will cut our deficit by $143 billion until 2019.


This article related about our topic because it uses the internet and a database design to keep track on government spend for prescription.  I don’t think that this is a good idea because I wouldn’t want to the government to be able to monitor when I take my medicine. I like to be in control instead of being controlled by somebody else. I believe that this is just a way for them to be able to monitor our movement because I believe in conspiracy.

In my past years, I have some bad experience with the government. I used think that the government was after me but now I know that it was all in my head. The government doesn’t need to waste any more money on something that we can’t afford. $29.1 billion is a lot of money to give away for a program that we don’t need right now. That will be a non-smart move if they do approve of this program.

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