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by Chaoxi P

This article is talking about Apache and
Microsoft. In the web server market there has couple of company, but the most
often we only see Apache and Microsoft. Apache and Microsoft they both have
their own advantage. Since windows NT 4.0 was released, IIS to be used heavily
as web server platform. Now, the IIS 6.0 has better execution model, management
tool, and performance. However, IIS only support in the Windows environment.
The advantage for the IIS that is component accepts requests from clients and
process them with separate components. Although the IIS worker did not run the
technical, the separate process still allows requests to be accepted.
Therefore, the IIS service would be restart if the recycle request
failures.  On the other hand, Apache is
the web server which support by multiple system platforms includes windows.  It is the open source software. Compare with
the IIS, this is free. Also, Apache has support for a wide range programming
language, such as PHP, Perl and Python. Because of that, Apache went from
hosting 109 million websites in 2009, to almost 152 million by the end of
2010.It is over two times as the IIS web server usage.

In the class we learn the primary dynamic
environment for development within IIS is Active Server Pages. In the article,
it introduces another web server program call Apache that is also very popular
in the web server market. These two software, they both have their own
advantage. Base on their advantage, I will more prefer to use Apache. Cause
this software can be supported by variety of platforms. This is good for the
developer who is not using the Windows. Also, this is the open source software;
we don’t need to pay any money for it. Because of these reason, the user of
Apache by the end of 2010 is over two times as the IIS web server. ( blog 7 )

Martin Brown (January 10, 2008) IIS vs. Apache,
Looking Beyond the Rhetoric