Outsourcing to India

by Melinda E
In an article that kind of doubles as an advertisement, outsourcing is being discussed. Not only does America do it, but Australia does now as well. A holiday rental time share company from Australia is an online company advertising to the whole world. To increase the efficiency and design of their website, they hired a team from India called “Profit by Outsourcing,” who obviously advertise their benefits simply in the title of their company. The Australian company’s reasons for doing this is because they are a young company, and want to excel the best services they can for the customers as soon as they can. Profit by Outsourcing creates websites in a variety of languages including AJAX, ASP.NET, PHP, etc.


This article relates to our class because it shows how difficult it can be to learn ASP.NET quickly. A company has outsourced to a more experienced professionals to code for them. I’m sure they want their website to be secure as well because they are dealing with a lot of private information from customers. Customers are supposed to apply and reserve rentals online for the busy holiday seasons. It also shows that if one does know how to program in such a way, you can charge more and make a good living from it.


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5 thoughts on “Outsourcing to India”

  1. great article! Yeah I heard a lot of companies are outsourcing to India and many other countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh. I just hope we find a better job by the time we graduate.

  2. Outsourcing is nothing new, but I was not aware Australia was in it too. I know the U.S. is definitely one of the biggest. But really what can we do, we, as consumers expect the very best for a very low price, however we can't afford to live off minimum wage salaries, so we look elsewhere. Its a never ending cycle and unfortunately, we are the ones paying the price.

  3. Im sorry if im being a downer but im having a hard time seeing how the article proves that ASP.NET is so difficult. i agree that it cannot be learned in a decent amount of time and you would want to take your business to the best you can find no mater where they are geographically located. if anything this article just seems like a plug for the indian company.

  4. In one of my courses we were assigned to do a simple task that in less than ten minutes. One person in the whole class was able to do the task in ten minutes, everyone else failed at it. The purpose of the task was to compare our skills to those in India. The students in India not only were able to accomplish such easy task but did it in less than five minutes.

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