Potential Jobs for .Net Developers{2}

by Luis F
The article describes that companies are searching for more potential employees that have experience with Microsoft .Net.  Job postings have increased by 25% on year-over-year basis, according to tech job site Dice.com.   The searches are broken down as: 27% were for 0-3 years experience, 46% for 4-7 years experience, and 21% for 8-10 years experience with .Net.  Dice estimates that the reason for the shortage is that if developers specialize with one platform they won’t be able to branch out to other platforms, and potentially earn less money.  In the article they provide an example that Java developers typically earn more than $91,000 per year, while .Net developers earn around $83,000 per year.  Currently they’re reporting over 10,000 job postings for .Net developers, and if demand continues to increase, wages should adjust accordingly.

I think that this relates to the class as it can help other students make decisions on possible career paths they want to take while still in college.  This highlights the current demand for something we are currently learning, and it should help some students that are not sure on which path to choose.

Personally I wouldn’t mind investing more time in learning the .Net framework to see what I can do with it while still in school.  There’s a good possibility that there will be jobs available after graduation.

Perez, Sarah (2011, October 24). Tech Job Site Dice Reports Shortage of .Net Developers.  Retrieved from http://techcrunch.com/2011/10/04/tech-job-site-dice-reports-shortage-of-net-developers/