Programming Makes You Smarter?{3}

Garry White attempts tests to see if programming affects cognitive development. Does programming make a person smarter? Programming uses abstract concepts and logic to express ideas. White uses Visual Basic to test cognitive development because it requires a lower cognitive development level. He tested it on college students, but there were no improvements by taking a Visual Basic course. Although there were no changes in college students, more research was required for much younger test subjects.

Visual Basic is event-driven programming where the programs made are based on events such as mouse clicks. Though I have not used it yet, it sounds different (and easier) than writing code from scratch. I would assume it is also faster using Visual Basic than regular coding. I look forward to trying it out this coming week.

If programming languages are easier to use, more people can create more software using it. I often hear that these types of things create bloated code while it would have been much more efficient if it were written by a person right from the start. I do think programming should be introduced much earlier than it is now. I don’t think it can hurt and might help with critical thinking skills.


White, G. (2006). Visual basic programming impact on cognitive development of college students. Journal of Information Systems Education, 17(4), 421-427.