Programming without Installing{4}

by Eric H
For this week’s blog i found a really interesting article that show how to use many different types of programming languages without having to install the required software for each programming language that you are trying to us. The solution to this is; an online integrated development environment supporting many programming languages like PHP, C++, Ruby, java, C#, Visual Basic, and few other languages. For those that is in a hurry to compile or test few lines of codes then all they need is go on the site ( and register for a free Compilr account, once they are done they can click start a new project and start programming. Uses can also load PHP and JavaScript files directly on (Harth, 2012). In the article it also listed another site that is similar to, iDeone is very similar but it has a advantage and disadvantage compared to Compilr; the disadvantage is that is you can not import old projects or execute all the files together, but the old thing is that you don’t even need to register (Harth, 2012).
I think this article very interesting and it relates to what we’ve been doing in class this week and the week before. For Visual Basic we had to install Visual Studio which was a 2GB download (about 30 minutes on a fast connection it can take up to few hours for slow connection) then then installation process took about 30 minutes to complete. And for people that have multiple computers, just to get a compiler to run on all computers will take hours. So sites like and is very useful for many people.


Harth, S. (2012, May 6). Run c , php, java, visual basic codes online. Retrieved from