Protect Your Computer Now{Comments Off on Protect Your Computer Now}

by Chaoxi P

This article introduces three ways to move the spyware from your computer, and protect your computer. The author introduce that the Spyware refers to dangerous programs that usually secretly install themselves on the computers. This spyware once installed, gets information concerning the user including both his internet usage and personal information. Since different viruses have different operational mechanisms, anti spyware programs on the other hand has different modes of operation and hasa variety of ways of detecting and removing them. One of these ways is hard disk scan. The anti spyware uses a database of the spyware already known, and checks the hard disk for the virus. The other mode of anti-spy ware operation is by use of the registry scan. A registry is an area of a computer which contains important information that refers to computers program installations, alterations and personal changes. The other technique employed by super anti spyware programs is that of checking the URLs by examining the cookies against the already known data base of spyware.

We must beware the unknown website. Cause the many of website may contain the spyware. If it is large scale website, they will alert the user about the existence of this spyware and gives the user the option of either removing the affected files, registry keys and directories or gives an option of quarantine them. On the other hand, if the website is unknown or illegal, they will install the spyware to your computer without any alert. Finally, they get information from your computer such as internet usage, personal information, and credit card information. Therefore, the protection for anti-spyware is necessary.


How Anti-Spyware Works