Rating Your Company On Google{Comments Off on Rating Your Company On Google}

by Chris S
This article was about how companies can see how they are doing compared to their competitors by using the results of search engines (like Google, Yahoo, and Bing) and comparing their rankings in the search results. The article speaks about how it doesn’t necessarily matter if the order has to do with how many times each page is clicked or if the results are simply how many key words appear in the page, for many users believe the ranking is based on the ranking of the results, and will most likely click on the earlier ones.

I believe that the article is right in saying that it matters more what people think something means instead of what it really does mean. It doesn’t matter if the search results are based on how many times the search words come up in the article because the users will believe that the first link is the best link.

I also find it funny that there was this much of an article written on this, as I see this as being a common sense thing more than anything else. I figure if you’re trying to become a bigger company you would google yourself periodically and check the results.
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