Relationship between YouTube and Google+

by Chaoxi P
This article is talking about the YouTube change their web interface. This change has two major reasons. First thing is
make their site prettier definitely. The other reason is for Google+ and YouTube become more relative. This change make the “share” function more prominently show on Google+. The new design makes the original content posted
shows on the left of the page. According to the Boug Gross, he mentioned “That would presumably make people more likely to keep coming back for original content posted by channel owners than only popping onto YouTube when they had a particular video in mind.”

In my opinion, YouTube change their website interface is necessary. Causes the YouTube want to be more relative with the
Google+. In fact, we design the website should be imitate the YouTube. The important product advertisement in the e-commerce site should be put the prominently place. Like YouTube, they change the new design for “share” more prominently. That’s
why I would consider the website structure and design are the important for the website become successful. ( Blog 6 )

Gross, Doug. (November 14, 2011). YouTube appears to be
testing a new look.

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  1. It seems as though Google is working to streamline the look and features a lot of its services with the newer Android builds for both its tablets and phones. I think that it’s a very smart move on their part. The more functionality there is between things like YouTube and Google Calendar with Google+, the more likely people are to use the under-appreciated Google+. When all of your services work together brilliantly, there’s less of a reason to use the competitions’.

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