Release of Visual Studio 2010

by Jasmine C
The article I read this week talked about Visual Studio 2010 and how it delivers functional programming for developers than previous versions.  The article talks about how Visual Studio’s integrated development environment (IDE) was rebuilt and now includes WPF, .NET Windows presentation foundation.  The inclusion of WPF  was put off for a little bit because previously, WPF  had compatibly and performance issues.  However, visual studio and WPF is a perfect fit together and whenever there is a problem with the WPF, the visual team is able to fix that problem internally.  With the release of things like Windows 7, several versions of Silverlight browser plugins and ASP.NET MVC, the new version of Visual Studio 2010 makes it easier to support these features without making compromises that would make development harder.  The article also talks about parallel programming capabilities and how Visual Studio 2010 has a better support system of parallel programming at entry level.  Things from the core framework and libraries through the debugging and profiling tools is taken care of and runtime schedules are set according to the capabilities of the machine.  All in all, Visual Studio 2010 is very beneficial.  It has improvements in its coding, debugging, tools, the set-up of team development is easier, and much more.

I think this article provided me with an insight into the features of Visual Studio 2010 that I took advantage of in our final project.  In class, we had  a brief tour of Visual Studio and the main functions of how it worked.  However, to really understand the tool, people have to work with it hands-on.  Working on the project and learning how to use Visual Studio at first was a little frustrating, however, after some time I was able to get a better understanding of the tool and how to use it for my benefit.  I especially liked the debugging tool, which allowed me to run my program and find where I was making mistakes in my coding.  However, like with all new things, people do find drawbacks with Visual Studio 2010, including that it is larger and slower than previous versions and there is no support for mobile development.  But I say try it and be the judge for yourself!

Anderson, T. (2010). Visual studio 2010 delivers functional programming for creative developers. Computer Weekly, 20. Retrieved June, 2, 2012, from