Rocket Speed Web Gaming Development{2}

by Luis F

The article is about Disney’s acquisition of a game development company from Finland called, Rocket Pack.  Rocket Pack is an integrated solution for plug-in free browser game development company that utilizes HTML 5 instead of Flash.  Its service is aimed at professional game developers who wish to make games for the web to be used by different platforms.  There is an example video where a game is played on an older generation netbook, and the same game was played on an iPhone.  The service allows developers to develop their games on any of the devices, as in the video example they show a user being able to make changes to the game while using an iPhone.  The cross platform ability is thanks to their use of javascript and CSS, which also allows plug-in free and non-installation gaming.

I feel that this is a great step forward for Disney; they should be able to utilize Rocket Pack’s service to develop games.  There is a huge market for games and each gamer has different likes and wants, this allows for rapid development and quicker publishing of online games.

Long term I see this company being successful, because more and more people are playing games online via Facebook.  Rocket Pack allows developers to produce games for Facebook that can be accessed off of any web capable device and as long as their browser has HTML5.

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