Search Engine Optimization Techniquies{4}

by Antonio M
The author talks about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its influence on Page
Interest. SEO can be observed from 4 aspects, structure optimization, keyword
optimization, content optimization and link optimization. According to author SEO
is the process of increasing the volume and quality of traffic to a website through
the use of search engines. There are 6 techniques of SEO, Overall Links, Website
Title Length, Keywords Density, Layer Number, Page Size and Customization of
404 Error Pages. In the aspect of Link optimization there is the technique of Overall
Links. This is the total number of web pages linking to a website. These links
are a considered a major factor when search engines determine a sites particular
position within search results. The author also introduces the theory of Web
Impact Factor (WIF). This theory is used to “measure the impact of a Web area by
the number of links it receives to indicate the importance of Link popularity.”
There are 3 types of WIF: Internal WIF, which measures the number of inlinks from
outside the website; External WIF, which is the number of inlinks counted from outside
the site; Overall WIF, which is the number of inlinks from both in and outside the
website. These 3 theory of WIF are what make up the technique of Overall Links, which
is the sum of internal and external links used to describe the link popularity.

I think this article definitely relates to what we talked about in class about SEO.
The overall article talks about the 6 techniques used to enhance a websites viewing
rate and the impact each of the 6 techniques can have on a user viewing a website.

Overall I found the article very interesting because I had always wondered how a
particular search engine worked and what criteria is used to know what kind of
content to show. I think anyone that builds a website should at least know these
6 basic techniques that can be used in order to rank there website to the top
results from a search engine.

Fuxue Wang; Yi Li; Yiwen Zhang; , “An empirical study on the search engine optimization technique and its outcomes,” Artificial Intelligence, Management Science and Electronic Commerce (AIMSEC), 2011 2nd International Conference on , vol., no., pp.2767-2770, 8-10 Aug. 2011 doi: 10.1109/AIMSEC.2011.6011361 URL: