Security Architecture of Cloud Computing{1}

by Shahravi
For this blog, I have choosen an article that talks about cloud computing. To be specific, I am here talking about the security side of cloud computing. Security is big concern when we talk about cloud computing. Now days, more and more companies and organizations are deploying cloud computing in their organizations. But the fear of security is holding lots of companies and organizations back. The article explains key points related to security architecture of cloud computing.

I have learned lots of new things about cloud computing after reading this article. There are lots of things to be concerned with when thinking about cloud computing. First I would like to aknowledge that some of the risks of the public cloud are mitigated by using a private cloud architecture. When looking at public cloud set up, we should consider that we can’t directly apply traditional defense-in-depth security models like physical security, firewalls, anti-virus software, identity and authorization systems and perimeter networks because many of these systems will be outside of the organization’s control. However, we should still apply multi-layered security and we should thoroughly evaluate the security systems of cloud service providers.

Regardless of private or public cloud, we will be working in an abstracted and virtualized environment. The platform or softwares we are running, may run on top of a shared physical infrastructure managed internally or by the service provider. Therefore, we should think security at application level. If we are using a software as a serivce, we don’t have any control over the software development platform or infrastructure and we will need to consider and apply all necessary security controls at the application level. When using cloud computing, whether private or public, we should consider security at all layers, from layer 1 to 7. We should also consider that security costs can be reduced when deployed on a larger scale.

This topic is very important because this is the next big thing in IT. Cloud computing has so many advantages than our current way of operating. Cloud computing helps save all types of resources, helps reduce costs, and much more. To stay competetive in business, all companies need to cut their costs and stay more effective. Cloud computing helps us do that with more ease.




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