Security of the Web Applications{1}

by Wei C

This article I found is about the security of the web application. Internet and WWW are almost essential to the current world. In this case , the application for the websites have to be more secure and save so people can use them without any concerns. However, as the article stated, there are currently no efficient way to secure the web application. Automatic partitioning was created to solve these problems. Automatic partitioning works in a way that sever provides some java-like codes and data on the client side. In other word, all the important and critical codes and data are stored in the server side to improve the security of the web application.


This article has related to the topics of web design and internet. The security between the client side and the server side is really an issue cannot be underestimated. People can simply use their web to see all the codes in the back, and it can create security vulnerable. Internet world is just like actual world, there is policies have to be followed.

In my opinion, this is related to our class and the topic is because that we should care more about what users concern while we are developing the interactive web. It is always nice to know what the customers want and care before actually creating the product. In this case, I think this should be a great article to be shared.


Chong, S., Liu, J., Myers, A. C., Qi, X., Vikram, K., Zheng, L., & Zheng, X. (2009). Building secure web applications with automatic partitioning. Association for Computing Machinery.Communications of the ACM, 52(2), 79. Retrieved fromĀ