Sencha’s Cloud Service{Comments Off on Sencha’s Cloud Service}

by Luis F
The article is about a JavaScript framework provider, Sencha, releasing a beta mobile cloud service called  It provides four different services, login, data, messages, and deployment. allows developers to create “shared experiences” over a browser with a few lines of JavaScript code to store data, send and listen for messages, deploy apps, or login users via Facebook or Twitter.  The service is outlined from the article as:

1) Login: This cloud services allows users to log in to applications using Facebook or Twitter accounts or accounts specific to the application.

2) Data: Data let developers store data in the cloud with one line of code in a Sencha Touch application. Data is synchronized across all devices and can be shared between users. Even when a mobile device is offline, applications can still read and write data and Data will transparently sync when the device rejoins the network.

3) Messages: Messages enables users and applications to communicate with each other. For example: notifying a friend it’s their turn to play, or moving an in progress game from your mobile phone from your desktop.

4) Deployment: Deployment lets developers deploy their applications and optimize their application images for various mobile device screen sizes. Deployment includes a management portal that allows developers to manage versions of their applications and a fully sandboxed development environment for testing and collaboration.


I feel that this shows that we as CIS majors are guaranteed jobs once we graduate, because what we’re learning right now keeps on evolving and by knowing the fundamentals we are able to apply creativity to support the user.  It’s up to us to be able to sort all the data into something meaningful either for a company or for a consumer social life.

I think that the service from is cool, considering that you are able to continue running a game from your mobile device to your phone without losing any information.  If they can apply that to other forms of applications, it could help out.  For instance, a text message or chat session, that can be transferred to your computer so you can keep track of the discussions either for business use or personal use, but with user agreements.

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