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by ChihWei H
This journal article talks about the importance of integrating SEO into website development. Search Engine Optimization or SEO, is the practice of constructing a web site that fits the search engine’s ranking criteria. Some analysts believe there are 77 factors affect how a web page is rank. Most of these factors concerns Google. While each search engine has its own algorithms, there are a lot of common grounds, enough to cover other search engine as well. Two of the most important factors among the 77s are Keywords and Links, while Meta tags are becoming more and more insignificant.  As Google and others continuously improve and undergone changes of their search algorithm, companies also need to keep monitoring and modifying their website to stays in high ranking.

I believe SEO has become a necessity for today’s business to survive online. Any companies that take their website seriously will do SEOs, which means it’s harder to stand out but very easy to lag behind.  This also creates barriers for new business without enough cash to enter the market.

On a side note, there are a lot of business decisions behind search engine other than algorithms. For example, Microsoft’s Bing and Yahoo actually formed an alliance to stop Google’s advancing on search engine market share. Search Engine’s market share is important because larger user base help advertisers determine how many users they are able to reach. Sort of like broadcasting commercials on the hottest new TV show or Super Bowl half time. For now, Yahoo’s search results are sponsor by Bing.

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