SEO: algorithms aren’t important?{Comments Off on SEO: algorithms aren’t important?}

by Boshi W
Read an article about Search Engine Optimization and how Algorithms aren’t as important as the content itself. Many luxury travel companies got together in a meeting to discuss the growing importance of SEO. Since most people nowadays primarily uses Google to do their searches on anything, studies have shown that 95% of the users look only at the first page. Therefore, companies had agreed that appearing at top of the search results is crucial in online marketing.

However, many skepticism arose on the topic of converting traffic into sales when most companies look at how many visitors had booked on their website. Others also pointed out that providing the contents that will inspire the customers to book at your website is what ultimate

ly comes down to, not how much traffic one can get. Some Smaller companies have been adopting a much more affordable method of creating third-party websites to link with their main website, retaining customers without the need of searching. Despite of it, researchers of SEO have shown that most people still trust the “natural search” results at the bottom of the search results.

I believe these researches to be accurate since I am a loyal Google user myself. I also do not click on the top paid ads when I search up something. I am just use to searching at the lower portion of the page since it is always relevant to what I am searching for. I strongly believe that in order for a online business to be successful, it is crucial to appear at the top of the search results. I strongly agree with spending money on SEO for developing companies, because it doesn’t matter how good your contents can be, if people cannot find you, it is absolutely useless. However, because competition is tougher than ever nowadays, one must have a appealing website that can attract and encourage the users to buy from the site, thus converting traffic into sales.

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