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by Wei C

In the article, author have given a brief idea how SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is important for the online accountant market. Briefly, SEO is a practice which makes a website easier to be noticed on all internet search engines. In addition, it can also help generating the traffics because people can see your website better. One another important fact the author talks about is the brand awareness. A large portion of people trusted and respected to an independent third party like a search engine. In other word, have some appearance on the search engine will help the website dramatically. Furthermore, author also talks about how competitive it is to get the top few search results on popular search engine. Before website host can improve their traffic, they have to get an idea how is the search engine works. Search engine looking for things in five levels. National search, local search, industry-specific search, service-search and ethnic specific search are the five elements. Author basically give a static results that people who have applied SEO with their website has higher income than others who doesn’t. In the conclusion, it is really important to manage the SEO for the website to help the business.



This topic is a little bit off topic because it talks about some accountant. However, I really think that the information about how search engines work is a great thing for us to learn. SEO is part of the web intelligence which can be related to the topic of this week. SEO is almost an essential practice where most of the websites have to consider about doing it currently. As all the similar websites rise, manage the SEO is one of the ways can make a website special from the others. In addition, understanding the levels search engine search can help us later when we are hosting a website.

In conclusion, Search Engine Optimization is a practice which is really important in the current internet. It is hard to compete with those top businesses with the top few results. However, we can try our best to make the websites more apparent if we know how search engine functions and works. Overall, I think this article can related to our topics and help us in some ways.


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