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by Rafael F
This journal article attempts to explain the superiority of search engine optimization compared to pay per click advertising. The objective of the two is to increase web site traffic. This article was based on a new site and both methods were used during the creation and implementation of the web site. The article was quite lengthy but explained that search engine optimization yielded better results overall compared to pay per click advertising.

Search engine optimization is the process of manipulating a web site so that it appears closer to the top of the list when key words are input on a search engine. The article states that 90% of consumers click on a link within the first three pages of their search results. Therefore, optimizing one’s site to appear on the first three pages will result in better business. Some manipulation techniques include: how often new content is uploaded to the site, ratio of keywords to total content, age of the site, and the quantity of external links to the site.

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This manipulation is quite important to understand as it can mean success or failure of a website. This should be put into practice when creating a site as the more content and other sites that point to ours the better business will be. Search engine optimization should be considered extremely important especially now since everyone goes through a search engine to find what they need.

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