Server apps made easier{1}

by Salvador A
At the time this article was released they show cased some of the new features of Azure, Windows Server 8 , Azure, and Visual Studio. This was more a tech conference where they demoed out some of the nifty new features of each of these products. One of the features worth mentioning was the ability to make a website using some ASP.NET that would work on any and all web browsers. Another fun feature being introduced was, being able to find blocks of code that are “clones”, which essentially means that they are exactly the same piece of code. There were also more templates to help with the familiarization of these new features. On the Windows Server 8 side they added features that will allow for it to manage data storage even easier. The virtual machines can now be moved (to deal with storage situations), and data storage can also be moved to outside file sharing services. Azure added features to make coding within it easier, such as a data sync option that makes data available through out data centers.

Overall I was impressed by some of the features that will be coming out (if they have not already been released). Since I am a coder at heart anytime there is news about making it easier I am always glad for it. These new API’s and being able to poll data, in Azure just by referencing a site will be a neat and probably needed upgrade. I can only assume that it currently takes too much effort to poll data from websites. And on the feature that lets you find code that is cloned, that is even better cause now you can condense code by creating methods or functions (depending on the language) that represent that piece of code. Not only will your code be smaller, but now you have a method for re usability.



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