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by Simon S

One of the most feared gangs in the world might just be made up of your not-so-average computer nerds going by the name of “Anonymous.” Since becoming famous for their “self-righteous” attitude of exposing the institutionalized greed of politics and corporate greed very recently, this group just did what no one’s done before- threatened the most dangerous drug cartel in Mexico… and won.

“The group threatened to ‘dox’ members of the cartel, releasing names and addresses of taxi drivers, journalists, and members of law enforcement associated with the group.”

My take:

Although I’ve heard of corporations and government making nice with hackers as to not get on their bad side, I think this goes to another level. Anonymous has proven that it’s jurisdiction is effectively everywhere and that the group will spare no one from confrontation. I’m not sure whether this send a positive or negative message to the world.

Using social networking to target an “enemy” isn’t new, distributed denial-of-service attacks are very common attacks made by groups of hackers controlling zombie PCs. But it’s clear that Anonymous is a very sophisticated force that has grabbed the attention of the world when it comes to security.

How governments and businesses react to handle this type of group will be crucial to the security of the web. If loosely administered organizations such as Anonymous can cause so much mayhem across the globe, than sophisticated attacks by determined governments, identity thieves, and malware creators might get a lot tougher to contain soon.

We need to understand how they operate and what type of computer attacks they rely on,  not to mention how they’ve been able to remain “Anonymous” for so long.