Simmon Stiphanos – Why many large software development projects fail{1}

by Simon S

The software development process in companies are almost always the work of at least a small team of developers. Communication in this way is normally satisfactory and without need of much infrastructure. The more developers there are, though, the chances of  communication breakdowns that can cause the failure of a project entirety.

The author states that there is “a growing realization that following a mature software process is a key determinant to the success of a software project.” Also, the author goes into an anecdote that explains why such process is beneficial to clients as well as the developers.

My take:

I agree that communication breakdowns can certainly cause problems in software development life-cycles, though I lack the experience to know firsthand. It’s definitely helpful to be well versed in such problems and their solutions instead of being a part of the party. The anecdote is also helpful in explaining that a closer, more “agile” development method lets development occur closer to the expectations of the client.