Turning our applications into… products.{1}

by Simon S

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Instead of our future start-up companies requiring expensive data centers before we even begin making money, entrepreneurs today can turn to cost-efficient virtual hosts that offer flexibility in a way never conceived before.

“In the planning stages, ShareThis, a startup, realized that potential success would mean that it would have to establish a data center—and pay for provisioning the infrastructure—before its business took off.” Instead, though, it turned to one of Amazon’s new virtual hosting platform.

“The much-discussed but often not-fully-understood EC2 technology is part of Amazon’s Web Services infrastructure… With EC2, companies can provision a number of virtual computers—depending on their immediate processing needs—to crunch numbers and only have to pay for what they use.”

Amazon EC2 allows for a great  deal of flexibility, but that also entails all of the security concerns any other data center needs to worry about. “Companies that deploy applications on Amazon’s EC2 must also be aware of the security considerations. EC2 instances have to secured, just like any other server connected to the Internet.”

My take:

One of the greatest barriers to entry in the technology sector is the technology itself. Data centers are expensive to purchase, build, and operate. They take a huge investment in money, as well as time. Those are two things entrepreneurs find they never have enough of.

The drawbacks are that with the flexibility gained from not being limited in a shared hosting platform, you now still have to concern yourself with security concerns that some are shielded from.

I believe that Amazon’s offerings, which now have competition from several other companies like Microsoft and Google, are the next step in the future of web development on all scales. Instead of companies worrying about the technological aspect of making sure their servers work, they now only need to be concerned about their applications and content.



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