Simon Stiphanos – What is the .NET Framework?{Comments Off on Simon Stiphanos – What is the .NET Framework?}

by Simon S

“.NET is a programming framework created by Microsoft that developers can use to create applications more easily.” Microsoft made the .NET Framework to make developers lives much easier by giving them access to standard libraries and code that could be used instead of writing them themselves or downloading a third-party library.

“Using ASP.NET, it’s now possible to build robust Web applications that are even more functional than Win32 applications of the past.”

Microsoft created the .NET Framework with internet and networking as first-class citizens. Technically speaking the framework is a virtual machine (much like Java) in which programs run. The virtual machine translates the bytecode that was compiled into machine code at runtime.


My take:

The author goes into good detail about how the .NET Framework separates programming interfaces from the operating system level into userspace. This is not only more secure, but also strips away a lot of low-level coding that is normally required with C++ for Windows.

One of the best features is the ease of designing a user interface compared to MFC\C++ for Windows, which many developers find a pane. There are controls for almost all types of UI components.

In my experience, the .NET Framework is really a pleasure to develop on. The standard libraries encompass a huge amount of functionality that it easy to learn and use. It’s basically a toolbox that has almost all the tools you’ll ever need.