Site-Filtering Feature on Google{2}

by Bach B
On 03/10/2011, Google announced the debut of a site-blocking search tool to help users personalize the results they find on Google.  The tool is simple to use. First, users need an Google account. Secondly, they need to log in their Google accounts then it is ready to use. When they click on a site in a Google search and then go back to Google — presumably because they were not satisfied with what they found — A new option will appear right next to the  domains of results page to block the site from future searches. All users have to do is click it, and the site will never show up for them again until they decide to unblock it. Whenever users block a site, Google will display a small message let them know something has been removed. Users are also able to manage their block lists via their Google search settings, and they can block up to 500 sites. However, users need to use newer versions of web browsers for this feature, such as Chrome 9 or higher, Internet Explorer 8 or higher, and Firefox 3.5 or higher.

Another reason that Google implements this feature is that it is a part of Google’s  efforts to combat the presence of search spam, a term for low-quality entries that show up in search results.  Google has been criticized  that company’s level of search-result junk is outrageous. The main concern is  about so-called “content farms,” or sites that generate lots of pages with little real value. Many of these sites monitor popular search queries and create pages for the sole purpose of attracting traffic, even though they have no original or relevant content to offer.

Honestly, this feature is not really new, but i think many people do not know about it, since the block option is hard to notice, and i think not that many people bother to look at the domain name of the site, yet the new option. However, this is a really interesting feature, especially when you try to search some really specific phrases or even sentences, it would help you skip through alot unwanted result pages.

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