Social Networking IQ{Comments Off on Social Networking IQ}

by James C

There are systems in the business world that allow for the creation, storage, retrieval, transfer, and application of knowledge. These systems are known as knowledge management systems. Knowledge management systems also allow for workers to communicate and collaborate with one another. Conventionally knowledge management systems have documented clear and obvious knowledge. Yet businesses are realizing that in order to remain relevant in the world today, their knowledge management systems need to incorporate features commonly found in social networking sites. These added features will assist in the apprehension of individual, tacit, and social knowledge. The hope is that these added features and tools will also encourage a higher number of interactions between employees which can possibly equate to better and improved communication and collaboration . Four different companied implemented social networking tools and features into their knowledge management infrastructure. Data shows that despite the differences among all four companies there were common concerns. Protection of the company’s and employees privacy was at the top of the list followed by the easiness of finding information. Another concerns was making sure that the leader of implementing such change see it to the end in order to keep employees’ motivation to do so as well. Benefits were also cited by the four companies. Such a project not only promoted a sense of community but also allowed for the documentation of tacit knowledge and allowed for continued leadership.


I really enjoyed reading this article because it shows how small and large companies are trying to keep up with the times in order to remain relevant with both its employees and the public. Social networking has become part of the world’s culture. It is something that is shared among all people from all nations and races. Businesses are realizing that social networking infrastructures have tools and features that can benefit their business. By incorporating such tools companies are not only improving their business but also motivating employees. I really agree that such tools can build a stronger community within any company. People are familiar and comfortable with these tools because chances are they probably use them outside of work in their own social network.

This article really appeals not only to a CIS major but to the public as a whole, which is something I appreciate. It really outlines how important communication and collaboration among employees is vital for the success of any business; and how in these modern times social networking promotes such practices.


Anderson, S., & Mohan, K. (2011). Social networking in knowledge management. IT Professional Magazine, 13(4), 24-24-28. doi:10.1109/MITP.2011.68