Software & Websites you should know about!

by Abubaker D
My article talks about the best software/websites that are out there. Software for graphic designers, web developers, operating systems and so forth. In the article they rate the software/websites and write a brief summary about it. Some of the software I thought is helpful for IT students are:

LinkedIn: That is a resource website for the job hunt; it has a huge repository of job postings. And it’s really more like a hub of information about the lifelong connections you make with other professionals. You can get information about your previous boss for instance.

Google Chrome 14: That is a web browsing tool. Google has focused on speed. And as mentioned in the article, the Chrome browser can often load a page even before you’re done typing its address in the “Omnibar” (which handles search as well). Chrome saves users the trouble of downloading and installing Adobe Flash or Acrobat Reader, including those inside the browser. It’s also arguably the furthest along in HTML5 support among its browser brethren. And it’s no slouch at security, running in a sandbox (and running Flash in its own, too) so that malware code can’t infect the rest of your system.

Blogger 2011: That is a tool for designing blogs without having to know about hosting a website or writing HTML code. It is one of the best free tools out there. Team Blogger has finally tucked a rich text editor into the system—a long overdue change—and developed an amazing template designer that lets blog users customize the look of their sites without ever touching a line of code.

Webs: That is a website that allows users to build a website easily without having to install special software for it.

I thought this was related to our lectures because we talked about LinkedIn and some other helpful tools and websites that could be helpful for CIS students. For instance we will be using some programs to design websites, but why bother? We have “Smile”!

I really liked it because I never knew about some of these software and websites. I’m really glad I came across this article. I bet other students will love this just as I did.

Note: There is other software and websites that could be helpful to you if you are into graphic designing or any kind of work that deals with video editing and photography as well. You can check with the website link below if you are interested in knowing about it.

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6 thoughts on “Software & Websites you should know about!”

  1. I expect LinkedIn to get even bigger as times goes on. Aside from its basic features, one of my favorite things about it is reading the very career-centric articles that people post. It’s a great way to stay up to date in this constantly-changing field.

  2. i think all of these website are a great benefit to mankind. Such as with Blogger or Webs, it makes it easy for a person with no experience to have their own blog and share information all for free. It can even be profitable if there is enough of a following.

  3. Abubaker, good job on the post. Btw I updated the post image you used so it fits the screen better, and the thumbnail version on the blog site page also worked better accordingly. I did it by finding your original picture from the post image URL source, re-sizing the original picture in Photoshop and paste to a canvas of 663×274 pixels – the default by the blog site theme. I think my previous advise of using pictures 300×300 pixels only applies to the post content, if you are to use post image then it has to be 663×274 (or at least proportional relative to that so it will be stretched about evenly) to look in its best. I will let the class know next time. I also edited your other post for the database class.

    1. Ooh yea I noticed. I will fix it next time! We could use a like button like feacbook btw! Thanks!

  4. I started using LinkedIn because it was part of a project i did from a previous class, and after trying the site i found it to be really useful. I connected with alumni that are in the IT field which it will be beneficial when i am looking after i graduate Cal Poly.

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