Speed boost! JQuery style.{3}

by Quoc L
The release of JQuery version 1.6 is a benefited to the web community. As the most popular JavaScript library, it will greatly impact a lot of user. This new update improve its HTML handling, variable definition,  methods and events handlers. With these improvement  in JQuery, website can will gain a slight speed boost.  Improvement can help website develop a feature rick site which more visitor would be interest in.

As the mostly use JavaScript in the world, 32% of all popular website use it. Any change to this script can either change the web for better or worse. Begin on top of it all the trend and their change can help us become a better program/web designer. Every little alteration change have a profound impact to it later one. By increasing the speed, more user can instantly access a website full of feature which they might have ignore because of the long load time.

This is important to our class because it teach us how fast technology change and how they impact us. Even a small change to, for example event handler, can drastically change a website structure.  For every second save from improve performances, it can be used for other function.  All action build up to create a great product, for example JQuery was creating in 2006 and with all it little alteration, it now the most use JavaScript library.


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