Speed Matters{Comments Off on Speed Matters}

by Joeydes M

This article basically talks about the performance gains that an AJAX enabled website offers. The author interviewed two developers and one was quoted saying, “It’s not so much about technology as it about the way you think about building your Website. AJAX is about being able to deliver a more dynamic experience to your users” (Garrett). The author then expands on that idea by talking about the independent exchange of data for the client user. As people know already that AJAX is a client side component of the ASP.net toolkit, and that in-turn produces more speed and performance for the end user. The author also mentioned how AJAX could help the checkout process for customers using sites like E-Bay or Amazon. When checkout takes too long people will inevitable abandon their purchase. The “faster” the checkout process is the better. The author also talked about how AJAX works, it wasn’t in great detail but a brief overview about the hidden engine it loads on the client side to enable the client side processing and resource use.


AJAX provides many different tools in the “out of box” toolkit that are very beneficially for this reason, speed. I feel like I have to talk about update panels, these are components on a web page that isolate specific parts of your code and “refresh” them as you wish. They can utilize a timer or they can be called in an event, either way the refresh and they refresh that exact piece of code or component inside the panel without refreshing the entire page. You could imagine the benefits with this technology especially if you are using a gridview or tables to display data. It also contains more user friendly and appealing components like the calendar pop out and accordion function, thing you would find in J Query built right into MS ASP.net AJAX toolkit. These are drag and droppable components.

To elaborate on the speed performance enhancements that come with using AJAX I want to talk as a “surfer” this is a major plus for any site. This is especially true if you are conducting some kind of business transaction you want to take care of whatever you are doing and get on with your life. No one likes to wait for anything in this world we are an impatient society so why would our web experience be any different.


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